About Me


My name is Cherie Lynae Cabrera Suski! I’m a writer! Of all my defining characteristics, writing is the one that describes me best. I’m also an outdoor enthusiast, a nurse, and a UW alumni; but first and foremost, I’m a writer!

In 2nd grade I wrote my first story. It was a modern Cinderella story. Since then I’ve filled page after page with words. I mostly write fantasy and angry poetry, but after years of college, majoring in anthropology, I’ve learned how to write articles and persuasive essays in my sleep.

I’m one of those people that see poetry in everyday life and I have created this website so  that I can share those visions with you.

Being a Washingtonian, it is hard not to see beauty everywhere. When I run, when I bike, when I hike, I’m surrounded by the Northwest’s dramatic tree lines and the Puget sound.  I love the city I live in! I love the state I live in! I love the minds and manners of those who live here with me!

Being a woman, it is hard not to create. I have a beautiful daughter and another little one on the way. I can bare witness that sometimes the labor of childbirth is comparable to the labor of an author. Bringing new and unique life into the world is an amazing and harrowing experience. There are other gifts that come with the domain of my gender. I will put it carefully, because I do not want overgeneralize. In my career, I have called upon being a woman to do good. I don’t want to blame femininity for my compassion, but I would like to credit the way that it has manifested in my life for the patience that makes me a nurse that patients love.

Being biracial, I am ambitious. I am indignant, sometimes. I am putting pen to paper so that I can share the struggles of being a circle trying to fit into a square hole. Click To Tweet Ever increasing my education, ever gaining new experiences, so that I can prove that a half brown girl, who comes from meager beginnings, can make it in a world made for a more cookie cutter type individual.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site. I hope that you find it inspiring!

A great big thanks to Melissa, a buddy who helped me get this up and going!