We Write For You

Welcome to my home base for writing! Here you can find a synopsis of my current novel, I Am Armageddon, as well as the journey I am taking in editing and eventually publishing it. The entirety of my Nanowrimo writing will be posted on here as it is written and there will be oodles and oodles of poetry!

I would love to welcome you to my site with a poem. Enjoy!


You could call us the tortured profession

A mad, sad, and pining collection

Who strive toward an impossible selection

Of angry, wordy, and shameless expression

I’m right

I write

To bring your soul to life

I beat your heart

I race your mind

I’m nice, I’m rude

I’m sweet, unkind

You love my words, as they hate you

They live and breathe

They lie, They’re truth

A picture I paint

A murder I commit

You clap, You faint

You read, you sit

You drowned, my friend

I hold you under

Until the end

Where you’re torn asunder

You miss my words

They miss you too

We write some more

We write for you


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